Oh my god I love slapping your stupid face


Model: Nasty Natascha

Posted: Tue, 26 Jul 2016

It’s time to give your stupid fat fucking face a good slapping. Now stand still there like a good slave while I slap you stupid. Do you feel that? Does it sting as I slap you harder and harder? I’m glad. I like it, I really enjoy slapping your face it’s a release for me and it makes me feel good. I feel I have to slap you as hard as I can, your face is just begging me to hurt it, I want to see it go red, I want to see the pain that I’m inflicting on you. Are you enjoying this my pathetic slave? Why do you flinch as my hand hits your stupid fucking face, are you not enjoying it, are you not in seventh heaven having the full power of my palm on your fat cheeks? Did you just laugh when I missed? For that I’m going to find some extra strength to inflict pain on your cheeks!

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