Addicted to my ass


Model: Lady Nina Leigh

Posted: Tue, 19 Jul 2016

You're so desperate for my ass aren't you. Your a sad little ass addicted pervert. And my ass is the holy grail of asses. You would love nothing more than to stick your nose right between the crack of my firm bum cheeks and sniff away. That would be your idea of heaven wouldn't it. Well this clip is especially for you. I'm gona display my ass in all it's glory for you to jerk yourself off over. I'm gona curve my body and show you just how amazing my perfect round ass is. I'm gona spread my cheeks and tease you with the splendid ass you will never get close too. And when I feel like it, I'm gona count you down to another one of your worthless ejaculation rituals where you end up with gloop on your hands.

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